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Sierra Lund


Aviation has been a part of Sierra's life since she could remember. Growing up going to airshows, flying RC airplanes, and watching her dad work on planes, aviation is in her blood. At the age of 16 Sierra began her journey to becoming a pilot herself. On her first solo cross country Sierra had an engine failure on take off that forced her to make an emergency landing at a nearby golf course. She was back flying the very next day. Sierra finished her private pilots license in the same Citabria her dad earned his license in.  After her emergency landing, Sierra had the opportunity to speak on her experience on a number of different platforms. One of the biggest was at Oshkosh, the largest airshow in the world. She continues to fly and work where her passion is.
Sierra has an extensive knowledge of the flying and mechanical sides of private aviation as well as having team of experts behind her to help clients get the best deal possible. With an international network of brokers, dealers, and other aviation professionals her client's needs can always be met.


" As a boutique aviation brokerage, you can always count on 5 star service throughout your the entire transaction process. Over half my life has been in the aviation industry and I have had the opportunity to create an extensive network of aviation professionals, including other brokers. My clients not only have access to this network through the transaction process but moving forward in the ownership experience. Once you buy or sell with The Sierra Bravo Group you become part of the family. No matter how big we get our customers will always feel the passion and detail put into every interaction."  -Sierra Lund

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